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Blog Post Numero Uno

Usually when a new year rolls on in I go to a party (or have one), eat my cabbage and black-eyed peas, have a glass of champagne, and go about the next day as if it were still the year before. This year, 2013, was a little different. Of course, I still did all of the above, but when all the fun was over, Ben (my husband) asked if I had made any resolutions. For some reason, this time, I got to thinking. What had I accomplished in 2012?

On one hand, I felt as though I had been lazy and unproductive. Time continued to pass by, and I continued to procrastinate on my dissertation. I did not even TOUCH the thing for 6 months. Six months. What the heck… I started to let my mind go down the path of what might have been. Oh, you know, like Dr. Amanda Szarzynski. That could have happened. However, it didn’t, and I know there are various reasons why in some way, that is ok. On the other hand, I thought of what I HAD done. I started my own business that has continued to be fairly successful, and I began a lifetime journey of fitness and healthy living. Not that I was super unhealthy before but I was definitely not mindful about the things I was putting in my mouth–whether that be portion size or nutritional value, and I had no consistent workout regime. In May of 2012, I started going to a bootcamp workout class (shameless plug: Train Insane with Destiny Flores!) with a friend and fell in love with feeling fit. I’m the kind of person that once I start working out, it makes me want to eat healthy. I mean, what’s the point of working out if I’m gonna go stuff my face with a cheeseburger and fries afterwards?! I wanted to see results from my efforts at the gym, and I discovered the road to results consisted of eating well. When I ate crap, I felt sick (literally) at bootcamp, so it just made sense to go all in–healthy eating, working out hard– the whole shebang.

Workout pic

So after some thought and conversation with Ben, I came to the realization that not only had I been “productive” in a different way than I have known myself to be in the past, but ultimately I have made an important change in the way I do life. This change (eating healthy and exercising) is just one step though.

One of the first concepts I learned in undergrad was the “Bio-Psycho-Social” approach to assessing problems and provoking change. I like to add “-Spiritual” to the model, as do many folks I know. So in those terms, I have made some positive changes in the Bio or physical aspects of my life, as well as the Psycho or mental/emotional parts simply by eating better and working out. I want to continue growing and learning in the Social (relationships) and Spiritual parts as well. My hope  in creating this blog is to not only share some good recipes and support living a healthy lifestyle (notice I have not said the dreadful “D” word..), but to also create an environment of thoughtful conversation and accountability. Thanks for reading!


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